足球比赛英语作文 写一篇关于足球比赛的通知英语作文

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  otice To all the students: This weekend afternoon there will be a wonderful football match in our new stadium. This match is started by the Students’ Union and the coming match is the final competition of Hope Cup. These two teams will compete for the winner:Computer Department VS Chinese Language Department.Looking forward to your viewing. The Students’ Union June 28, 2010大概就是这样子的格式,你看看有沒有需要修改的地方。

  A Football match

  In the morning of May 1st, a football match took place between Shen Hua Team and Guo An Team in the city stadium. When I got there the stand was already packed with spectators.

  The match was exciting大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!. A home player got hold of the ball and kicked it miles over the bar. Towards the end of the match, a forward got a chance to give the ball a hard kick and it skidded straight into the back of net over the goalkeeper.

  The crowd went wild, laughing, jumping and shouting loudly.

  When I was on my way home, my heart was still full of excitement.

  Football is the most popular ball in the world. More and more people like watching football matches. They can't sleep or eat when their teams are playing.They shout for their players. I think many Chinese football player have done better match after match since the Professional Football league of China was set up. But we still have a long way to go to Asia and to the world. We should learn from foreign teams. Foreign players and coaches must be invited. Dalian Wanda, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangd0ng Apollo are among the best.


  您好:Football is a sport in the world, on the origin of football is different. FIFA believes that the sport originated in China. "The Water Margin" high ornamental cap, not to mention natural, ancient history in China, there have been Materials "Cuju," the movement records. "Cuju" campaign similar to the current Dianqiu, it is not real football, not with football shape. So in the international community agree that "the origin of football in China," said a few persons href="http://www.yuedu88.com/" target="_blank">在线阅读yuedu88com :http://www.yuEdu88.com/

  The 2010 World Cup will be hold in South Africa.It is a grand occasion for all the football fans all over the world.My favorite team is the Spainish Team.And my favorite football star is Didier Yves Drogba Tébily.I hope the Chinese Team can do well in the World Cup.Because China has never won a World Cup before.This year I hope the situation will change.

  When the match begins,I hope I can watch it.But if I am busy studying then I will not watch it.Because study is always the first priority.I wish one day China can hold a World Cup,then our Chinese can watch the matches without going abroad.

  Maybe one day my dream can come true.





  On Sunday afternoon, I go to school about several of the students playing football on the playground.

  Came to the stadium, we divided the people first in the two groups, a group of six, we this group have BaoChen, michelle jou, and waiting for six people, each other have ZhanYongJian they six people.

  The match began, and first kick-off by us. I took the football from the others, with their feet with the forward. Soon, I brought a football to the other side of the goal area. I was about to play shooting posed, but did not expect was a hateful guy before, when I don't have the watch from behind the football to tick away. Our personnel immediately go to intercept. But the man was flexible, like a monkey escaped our personnel of the interceptor with football straight towards our goal. "Oh, not good!" I cried out in urgent. But, have been useless. Because, he has come to our goal area, and avoid the goalkeeper to force a kicking. Football shoot straight to the goal. Done, and we have lost a ball, the other party won a ball大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!! Their team around and jump for joy. Our side immediately to discuss together for a while to deal with each other. Then, we adopt new tactics and the other party immediately.

  The second round began. I take the football to the left, the other a man rushed to intercept. While he hasn't come near, I gave BaoChen play football. BaoChen gave michelle jou football right now. Michelle jou near the goal and passed the football quickly rushed to the goal, twisting the body, from the goal of interception, the foot to the ball into the goal. "Strike!" I loudly shouted, and at the same time, continue to rush forward. At this time, the football to hit the ball rack, out to the block. I see, quickly exploded step and fill a foot, kick the football into the goal. Ah, finally let us also scored a goal! Now the two sides a than a draw.

  Then, we continue to play football. Has been playing to the three points. We won nine to one other. On the way back, we have been laughing, said! But the other said nothing. I say: "you win some common, this time to lose to win back next time!" They just changed the attitude, went home laughing aloud together.


  6 Zhangjiang is a fan of football. He likes it so much. He watch football games every weekend on TV and he often watch at night. Sometimes the game might not see on TV, he tries watching from internet. The FA Premier League is his favorite league matches. He likes many football club.

  Manchester United, Arsenal,AC MILAN, Real Madrid...etc. He also good at playing football. Sometime when he is free , he asks friends together. They enjoy the game very much.

  One day, the weather was fine. Siu-ming and a group of small partners into a green lawn for soccer. They are divided into two teams, one team is red team, a team of the yellow team. Xiao-Ming Huang team is team Scud. Soon as the whistle, the football from the personal side, crossed the red team's Xiaogang what a Scud, the football played high, and far off. "Ah, scored a net of the yellow team!" Red team members were excited to cheer for him desperately, and some emotion is so intense it will be Xiaogang high toss. This makes yellow team members were very angry, and Scud-Xiao Ming can be angry it! He played much football kick put the football on the ground Gulugulu to roll forward, Xiao-Ming Qi Gugu, the cheek side of a transparent shed sweat, the mouth pursed, hot pursuit of letting go. Catching up with her aunt to one of the window, stood on a windowsill that a pot of bright red aunts of the most beloved of the Chinese rose. Xiao-Ming is too angry, and kicked the football kicked the air, soccer-shun straight from the air fall to the sill of the basin of Chinese rose knocked over. Xiao-Ming, see things were not going to immediately adopt the football to whom Aunt's doorstep. "Dongdong Dong", Xiao-Ming Qiaoliaojixia door gently. Squeak ----- Suddenly the door opened, and before him stood an aunt, aunts, kindly, said: "Come in", Xiao-Ming for aunt sat on the sofa, Small said: "Auntie, I am sorry, I put you The pot shattered. "aunt, said:" Never mind, you are really honest child! "Xiao-Ming Zizi sweet heart, and happily go home.

  一天,天气晴朗。小明和一群小伙伴们到一片绿油油的草坪上踢足球。他们包括两队,一队是红队,一队是黄队。小明在黄队是队里的飞毛腿。在一声哨声下,足球从各个人身旁冲过,红队里的小刚一下一个飞毛腿,把足球踢得高高的,远远的。“呀,踢进黄队的网里了!”红队的队员们激动地拼命为他喝彩,有些激动得太厉害的将小刚高高抛起。这使黄队队员们愤怒极了,飞毛腿小明可生气呢!他一脚就把足球踢得远远的,足球在地上骨碌骨碌地滚动着,小明气鼓鼓的,脸颊边流下了透明的汗珠,噘着小嘴,紧追不放大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!。直追到一个阿姨家的窗前,窗台上放着那个阿姨最心爱的一盆红艳艳的月季花。小明实在太生气了,一脚把足球踢到半空中,足球顺时间从半空中直掉下来,把窗台上的那盆月季花打翻了。小明见状况不妙,立即抱上足球到那位阿姨的家门口。“咚咚咚”,小明慢慢地敲了几下门。吱-----的一声,门开了,他面前站着一位阿姨,阿姨亲切地说:“请进”,小明让阿姨坐到沙发上,小明说:“阿姨,对不起,我把你的花盆打碎了。”阿姨说:“没联系,你真是个诚实的孩子!”小明心里甜滋滋的,高高兴兴地回家了。 在线阅读网免费看书:http://www.yuedU88.cOm/

足球比赛英语作文 写一篇关于足球比赛的通知英语作文

足球比赛英语作文 写一篇关于足球比赛的通知英语作文